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Update Oct 2018 Another Renewal
I am sure you will all be glad to know that the most important site on the internet has been renewed again Iraqi Brand Sand will be here for another 5 years. Still no orders yet, but the 100 strong orders department is ready by the phone to take your order. What is our phone number i hear you ask? Well we don't know. But nontheless we expect orders to be rolling in between now and the heat death of the universe.
MEH: - 2nd July 2008 Renewal
Hmm. Just had to renew IBS. Never expected the "joke" to still be relevant 5 years after its creation.
Oh well. Still it's an easy way to manage things.
UPDATE: 30th August 2007 - Iraqi Brand Sand Sponsors LEJOG
Iraqi Brand Sand marketing department has begun sponsoring Richard and Owens Land's end to John o Groats adventure. We all here at IBS are sure that this is the single most worthy cause on the face of the planet.
See all the incredible action here.
NEWS: 19th October - Extra Logo
I have an extra logo for IBS curtesy of Zoot Until i can be bothered doing proper with it can stay here and look pretty.

NEWS: 10 Sept 2003 - Contacts
I have added a contacts page, it can, unsurprisingly be used to send me an E-Mail. Clickety Click
NEWS: 7th Sept 2003 - Pictures
Finally got around to doing something for the site. I have downloaded some pictures of interesting bits of sand to put on the pictures page. They are all copyright of lots of random people, i don't know who made them, i stole them all from's image search.

I have done the FAQ too.

Still don't know if i will have the motivation to actually finish all the content
NEWS: 2nd Sept 2003 - Online
OK so i bought the domain and i am going to put something of (very) vague interest on here.
This site hopes to become the worlds first authoritative site on Iraqs second biggest asset, sand.